Monet Tejada Bodied Detective Kevin Whitman With Diana Tejada’s Help [Watch]

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In the television series “Power Book II: Ghost”, Monet Tejada is a ruthless and powerful drug lord who runs her empire with an iron fist. When Detective Kevin Whitman starts investigating her and her family, Monet becomes increasingly desperate to get him off their trail. She enlists the help of her lawyer and confidante, Davis MacLean, to come up with a plan to eliminate Whitman.

Unfortunately, this plan involves using Monet’s own daughter, Diana Tejada, as bait to lure Whitman into a trap. Diana is understandably reluctant to get involved, but Monet insists and Davis convinces her that it’s the only way to protect their business. In the end, the plan goes horribly wrong and Monet ends up killing Whitman herself.

Diana Tejada called 911 before her mother shot him and now with Diana’s help she now claiming self-defense because Whiteman broke into their home and hit Monet in the face with his fist and the door was tampered with, but this was all done by Diana. In order to make it look like a break in and after the police arrived she told them what was need to be said to now protect both her mother and herself.

Monet elected to stay with Cane and Dru at Dante’s penthouse after her home was labeled a crime scene. Also at the end of the episode Monet gets the police reports and it shows that Lorenzo DNA was found at Mecca’s hanger.

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