Power Book II: Ghost’s Rashad Tate Blackmails Tariq St. Patrick To Donate $5000 in Bitcoin To Stay Out Of Prison For Dante Spears’ Murder [Watch]

In the popular TV series, “Power,” Rashad Tate is a cunning and ambitious politician who is always looking for ways to get ahead. In one particular episode, Tate blackmails Tariq St. Patrick, the main character, into donating $5000 a week to his campaign in Bitcoin. Tate does this by threatening to help DEA Agent Bianca Rodriguez link Tariq to the murder of Dante Spears if he declines to donate. This is because Tariq lied on the witness stand to keep himself out of prison, and Tate has evidence of this.

Tate’s blackmailing of Tariq is a clear indication of the depths he is willing to go to achieve his political goals. He knows that Tariq is desperate to stay out of prison and will do almost anything to avoid going back there. By leveraging this fear, Tate is able to get Tariq to donate a significant amount of money to his campaign every week. This move also shows how Bitcoin has become a popular way to conduct transactions, even in the world of politics and illegal activities.

In the same episode, Tate also gives Tariq some advice on how to save his internship. Tate suggests that Tariq brings Billionaire RSJ on as an investor at Weston Holdings. This is after Lucas Weston threatens to take Tariq’s internship away if he doesn’t land RSJ as a client. Tate’s advice shows that he is not just a master of manipulation, but also has a keen business sense. He recognizes that landing a billionaire investor like RSJ will not only save Tariq’s internship but also help him build his reputation in the business world. Overall, Tate’s actions in this episode demonstrate his willingness to do whatever it takes to get ahead, even if it means exploiting and blackmailing others.

Later in the episode Tariq St. Patrick figured out a way to get RSJ to agree to join Weston Holdings by offering the Queen’s Children Project site for RSJ to Buy at a higher price to build a shopping center they agree and he looks like he will join Wseston Holding as an investor.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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