Power Book II: Ghost’s Tariq St. Patrick Give Effie Morales To Sell Drugs At Stansfield

In the hit series “Power Book II: Ghost,” season three episode 3 ‘Human Capital ,’ Tariq St. Patrick finds himself in a precarious position when his grandmother, Diana Tejada, and his best friend’s sister, Brayden Weston, are threatened by a drug lord named Obi. Obi demands that Tariq and his associates deliver a million dollars and sell the rest of the drugs that were given to them. This puts Tariq in a tough spot since he has been trying to distance himself from the drug game and build a legitimate future for himself.

Desperate to protect his loved ones, Tariq gives his classmate and business partner, Effie Morales, the green light to sell drugs at Stansfield University, their alma mater. This decision is not an easy one for Tariq, but he understands that he has no other option if he wants to keep his family and friends safe. However, Tariq’s decision comes with a heavy price, and he soon realizes that getting involved in the drug game is not as easy as he thought it would be. The tension and drama that unfold as a result of Tariq’s actions make for an intense and gripping storyline that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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