TC4’s latest single ‘WhoKilledKenny?’ – A Lyrical Masterpiece

TC4’s latest single, “WhoKilledKenny?” is a thought-provoking track that sheds light on society’s dangerous obsession with materialism and desensitization. The song’s lyrics are incredibly lush and vivid, as TC4 effortlessly blends his sharp rhymes with a mesmerizing beat to create a powerful message.

Through lines such as “diamonds, ATM machines are all my favorite things” and “I could be a savage,” TC4 highlights how our societal values have shifted to prioritize material possessions and desensitization to shocking events. Questioning the impact of such values and the price we pay for them.

“WhoKilledKenny?” is a lyrical masterpiece and a wake-up call to society. TC4’s bold and honest take on these issues is refreshing and reminds us that we need to re-evaluate our priorities and values. This is a must-listen track for anyone looking for thought-provoking music that challenges the norm.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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