Power’s Tariq St. Patrick Gets Internship At Weston Holdings After Rashad Tate Gives BruShandria Carmichael His Spot On His Campaign Team [Watch]


In the popular TV show “Power,” Rashad Tate, a politician running for Rick Sweeney’s Senate State, offered Tariq St. Patrick, the son of his former rival, an internship with his campaign.

However, when Tate’s campaign numbers started to decline, he gave the internship to BruShandria Carmichael instead. This decision left Tariq feeling disappointed and frustrated, as he saw the internship as an opportunity to prove himself and gain valuable experience.

Fortunately, Brayden, a fellow student and friend of Tariq, was able to help him land an internship at Weston Holding. Although it wasn’t the opportunity he originally hoped for, Tariq was still able to gain valuable experience and learn new skills in the business world. With the help of Brayden, he was able to turn a negative situation into a positive one and make the most of his internship experience.

St. Patrick made Weston promise that they would not sell drugs at Weston Holdings and that he would only accept the internship on Wall Street to fulfill his course credits, and it would be a clean appearance.

Brayden Weston’s uncle offers Tariq St. Patrick an internship at Weston Holdings, despite Brayden’s father not being a fan of the decision due to Tariq’s link to drug activities. This decision creates tension between Brayden and his father, as well as between Tariq and Brayden’s father.

Tariq, who is the son of the deceased drug lord Ghost, is trying to balance his studies at Stansfield University with his drug dealing activities to provide for his family. The opportunity to work at Weston Holdings presents a chance for Tariq to gain legitimate work experience and potentially transition away from the drug world. However, Brayden’s father is hesitant to have Tariq associated with the company due to his criminal background.

This decision ultimately leads to a power struggle within the Weston family, as Brayden’s uncle uses his authority to override his brother’s objections and provide Tariq with the opportunity. Unfortunately, this decision also creates tension between Brayden and Tariq, as Brayden is conflicted about his loyalty to his friend and family. Overall, this storyline highlights the complex dynamics of power and belief in the world of business and crime.

Later on in the episode it turns out the Brayden Weston made a deal with Councilman Tate to bring in BruShandria Carmichael instead of Tariq, so he can work at Weston Holdings to move wait through Wall Street.

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