Hugh Klein’s latest single, “Lead The Way,” is romantic lyrics

Hugh Klein’s latest single, “Lead The Way,” is a romantic, neo-soul track that immerses listeners in the essence of Paris. It’s the artist’s first release since his debut album, Quand C’est Mou, and his sophomore single, “Sensitive,” in 2020. The song is a testament to Hugh’s vocal abilities, showcasing his smooth and soothing voice as he delivers a humble plea for intimacy and rebirth.

Inspired by his fascination with intimacy and romance, Hugh sources his creativity from the warm evenings, floral scents, clothes waving and wrapping the curves of your body, gold, tobacco, low light amongst white flowers, and fingertips. His musical exploration spans across pockets of Blue Note jazz, neo-soul, and feature film scores, making him an artist with a distinct sound and style.

The upcoming record, ‘No Plans, No Rules,’ promises to take listeners on a journey through themes of intimacy, adoration, the rebirth of desire, and genuine romance. With floating vocals and guitar, brushed percussion, lush string arrangements, and rich Rhodes and Wurlitzer’s, it’s sure to be a sonic experience worth immersing in.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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