Powers’ Tariq St. Patrick Catches Another Body In Episode 1 & This Time It’s Sebastian “Bash” Kumal-Stern

Simon Stern is an important figure in Power and Power book II: Ghost. His rival was James St. Patrick. He’s a nightclub director trying to steal club ‘Truth’ from Ghost.

However, Ghost uncovers Simon’s offshore accounts and speaks to his future divorced wife. In doing so, he knew she would use those accounts against Simon. Grateful for the information, she gave James back his nightclub and two other clubs in Stern’s portfolio by selling them to St. Patrick.

Well, apparently, Stern got remarried to Sebastian “Bash” Kumal-Stern who they both worked with each other in season 2 of Ghost. Tariq St. Patrick, Bash and him created the application “CourseCorrect” that Tariq uses to sell drugs.

Stern approached Brayden Weston, Tariq St. Patrick’s business partner, and told him that he would go to the authorities with the truth of who created by Course Correct, and he lied on the stand. Weston recruited Cane Tejada to catch the body, but instead, Tariq St. Patrick killed Stern by stabbing him because he was trying to blackmail St. Patrick for money. After all, Simon Stern divorced Sebastian, and they had a prenup.

The hit happened before Cane and Brayden could climb the stairs to kill Stern. So, when they reached the room, Tariq asked what they were doing there before they conspired to move the body. St. Patrick stated that the younger Stern was supposed to be out of the country so nobody would be looking for him.

You can catch episodes of season three of Power Book II: Ghost at 8 pm EST on Friday nights via Starz.

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