Powers’ Larenz Tate Talks Relationship With Michael Rainey Jr On & Off Camera & Gives Him His Flowers [Watch]


Rashad Tate had always been a man with a plan. After his stint in politics had ended, he had set his sights on a new career as a college professor. But, as fate would have it, he ended up teaching a class at Stansfield University, where Tariq St. Patrick was a student.

Tariq, of course, was no ordinary student. He was the son of the notorious drug kingpin James “Ghost” St. Patrick, who had been killed months before. Tariq was in a tough spot – he was facing serious legal trouble for his involvement in his father’s drug empire and struggling to keep up with his schoolwork.

But Rashad saw something in Tariq. He saw a young man with potential, who had been dealt a bad hand in life. Rashad knew what it was like to face adversity, and he was determined to help Tariq stay out of prison and succeed in school.

Rashad took Tariq under his wing, offering him guidance and mentorship. He helped Tariq to understand the importance of education, and encouraged him to focus on his studies. Rashad also helped Tariq to navigate the legal system, using his connections and knowledge of the law to help him stay out of jail.

As Tariq’s teacher, Rashad pushed him to work harder than ever. He challenged him to think critically, question his assumptions, and see the world differently. Rashad knew that Tariq could be a great student and was determined to help him realize that potential.

With Rashad’s help, Tariq could stay out of prison and in school. He began to thrive academically, earning high grades and earning the respect of his professors. He also began to think more deeply about his future and considered career paths that didn’t involve the drug trade.

Speaking of Tariq St. Patrick, who Michael Rainey Jr plays him, Larenz Tate, who plays Rashad Tate, was a recent guest on BlackTreeTV. Tate was asked about the chemistry between Michael Rainey Jr & himself on and off screen during his appearance.

“The relationship between myself and Michael is extraordinary both on and off camera. He’s an incredible individual who has seen him grow up on this show. I love the work that he’s doing. He’s incredible each season. He gets better in our relationship and is stronger off-camera, but I can’t say on the cameraman. It’s just like we light it up,” said Tate.

“You know it’s always a joy and Michael is right there. He’s present and Tariq and councilman Tate’s Dynamic once again. It’s kind of a mirror of what we knew between councilman Tate and ghosts back in power it’s like he saw it up as like is he turning into his father, so we’re always there Tit for Tat, and it’s nice to be able to see the Young Brother grow as an actor and blossom around season three is going to be fire.”

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