Power Book II: Ghost’s Dante Spears AKA Mecca’s Fiancée Is Noma

Mecca is the secondary antagonist of the Power universe, serving as the invisible global antagonist of Power. He was one of the two primary antagonists alongside Cane Tejada in Power book II: Ghost in season two.

He’s a calculated, manipulating, dangerous drug kingpin. Mecca reappears in New York just as Tejadas have to fill the void of a new product supplier. But when his mysterious past starts to be exposed, it reveals that the drug trade may not be his sole purpose with this family.

Though he was not seen in the original show, he played a pivotal role as Lobos kidnaps Ghost and Tommy and tells them that someone overseas betrayed him and ratted him out, causing him to be arrested in season two.

Mecca was revealed as the whistle-blower in Season 2 of Power Book II: Ghost.

In the first episode of season three of Power Book II: Ghost, it was revealed that the blue diamond ring that Tariq St. Patrick and the Tajada’s stole was actually Mecca’s Fiancee Noma’s ring.

However, if you remember from last season, Mecca shared the ring was for Monet Tejada, but clear he was lying to her and us as an audience.

The ring was fleeced to pay for Davis MacLean’s service to keep Tariq St. Patrick and the Tejadas out of prison. The ring ended up in an auction, which Noma was at as it went for $5.5 million and turned into an engagement ring. However, it didn’t last long because Noma and her crew confronted the couple and cut the woman’s hand off before retrieving the ring.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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