Charleston White Reveals He Was Visited By The FBI [Watch]

Charleston White found himself in the FBI’s crosshairs this week on charges of abducting Asian women and holding them hostage with weapons and explosives. A video earlier this week showed the Internet personality and former gang leader being detained by law enforcement outside a grocery store in his native Texas.

White may have been seen driving in the back of a police car by two officers in front of a group of men in fancy and casual clothing, likely FBI agents.

Following his release, Charleston White detailed his contact with the law in a telephone conversation with a friend he recorded on Instagram Live; the allegations of kidnapping are not true.

“I got picked up by the FBI. While the FBI were picking me up, they was at my momma’s house. Somebody called the FBI with a picture when I bought that M50 two weeks ago. They emailed that picture to the FBI today, with me holding that M50 at the gun store,” White explained.

“And they said that I got Asian girls — now, this what the FBI said they said — they said I got Asian girls held hostage with Glocks, switches and bombs. What they did was, they was watching my Live! ‘Cause they watch my Live all the time.”

A few days earlier, Charleston White launched a racist and vitriolic diatribe against rapper China Mac and the Asian community on Instagram Live, wherein he said he believed. “Chinese women should be raped brutally by big dick, well-hung Black men” and “Chinese babies should be killed and sodomized.” In addition, a video of him showing his aforementioned new gun contained more hateful words aimed at China Mac.

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