Power’s Marcus ‘Raymond Jones’ Callender Reveals When He Found Out He Was Killing Raina St. Patrick [Watch]

Officer Raymond Jones had been on the force for over a decade, and he had seen his fair share of violence on the streets. But nothing could have prepared him for what he was about to experience.

It was a cold winter evening, and the high school dance was in full swing. Jones had received a tip that James St. Patrick’s son Tariq St. Patrick was involved in some illegal activity at the dance. Jones knew that James St. Patrick was a notorious drug kingpin, and he was determined to catch Tariq in the act.

Jones made his way to the school and began searching for Tariq. As he scanned the crowded dance floor, he saw a group of teenagers huddled near the steps outside the building. Jones approached Raina, and that’s when he saw her: Raina St. Patrick.

Jones looked around, but he didn’t see Tariq. When he was confronted by Raina things escalated quickly.

.Hey! You were at my school the other day looking for Tariq , said Raina.

Raymond Jones replied, “Yeah, I was just headed to find your principal.”

Raina added, ” I know who you are Ray Ray. You need to leave my brother alone.”

Before she could say anything else, Jones pulled out his gun and aimed it at her, and pulled the trigger.

That’s when Tariq appeared. He had been watching from a distance, and when he saw Jones shoot his sister, he snapped.

In season four of the original Power, Tariq got his revenge with the help of Andre Coleman, who gave the younger St. Patrick the location of Ray Ray. As a result, Tariq was able to break into Jones’ apartment.

“Don’t f**ing turnaround; you killed my sister,” Tariq whispered, his voice trembling with emotion.

Jones replied, ‘Who the f*** told you I was here? Dre?

Tariq St. Patrick: “I ain’t dumb, I know you’re a cop and I got the drop on you.”

Raymond Jones: “God damn right I’m a cop, and you came in here without any back up.

Tariq St. Patrick: I ain’t alone.

Raymond Jones: That’s bulls*** ain’t no way your pops or your uncle Tommy let come up here first. If they were here I would already be dead.

Tariq St. Patrick: You deserve to die for what you did for what you did!

Raymond Jones: Then pill the trigger motherf***er. Be a man! Go head do it! Go head! That’s what I thought ! You a little b****. Just like I thought you were when I first met you. Your sister is the real g, she stepped up.

The events of that night would change the St. Patrick family forever. James St. Patrick was devastated by the loss of his daughter, and Tariq would never be the same. But for Officer Raymond Jones, it ended his reign of terror. His abuse of power had finally caught up to him, and he had paid the ultimate price.

Speaking on Marcus Callender he was the recent guest on The Crew Has it with Michael Rainey Jr and Gianni Paolo and revealed when he found out that he was killing Raina St. Patrick.

“I was at the table read highlighting my lines, Donshea [Raina] Hopkins was sitting right next to me so I’m like okay what’s up. I’m like wait hold on What? She’s like t she said yeah she knew! Said Callender.

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