“Insomnia”: Marques Martin’s Deep Dive into Mental Health Awareness

Marques Martin’s latest song, “Insomnia,” dives deep into mental health awareness with an introspective look at his struggles. The self-produced track takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery and realization as Martin opens up about a moment of clarity in his battle with insomnia.

The haunting melody and Martin’s raw and emotive vocals evoke a sense of vulnerability and authenticity that resonates with listeners personally. As Martin recounts his struggles, he reminds us to acknowledge our mental health issues and seek help when needed.

Hailing from Prince George’s County, Maryland, and currently residing in New York City, Martin’s unique sound blends alternative R&B and soul. With the release of “Insomnia,” fans can expect even more thought-provoking and soul-stirring music from his upcoming EP, “Sex on the First.”

Overall, “Insomnia” is a testament to Marques Martin’s commitment to mental health advocacy and his willingness to use his platform to spread awareness about an issue affecting many.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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