Xersize Explores the Painful Realities of Dysfunctional Relationships in “Over The Wall”

Swedish rap artist Xersize has released a new single, “Over The Wall,” which delves into the difficulties and heartbreak of toxic relationships. Inspired by Eminem and Mick Jenkins, Xersize’s lyrics explore the pain of holding onto a failing relationship that should have ended long ago.

Reflecting on his own experiences, Xersize acknowledges the universal nature of this feeling of inadequacy and pain. “We’ve all been there; we’ve all been blinded by love,” he says.

The track departs from Xersize’s earlier works, exploring a sound heavily influenced by jazz and blues. Long-time collaborator Robinholta produced the way, with Maria Hajto providing a female perspective to the duality of the lyrics.

Xersize’s passion for music is rooted in its therapeutic influence. The rapper has struggled with depression and anxiety for many years, and his music reflects his personal experiences. Despite the challenges, Xersize’s love for music has remained constant since childhood, and his debut album in 2019 and follow-up release in 2020 have established him as an emerging talent in the Swedish rap scene.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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