Gideon King & City Blog Release Soulful New Single “Splinters” Featuring Sonny Step

Gideon King & City Blog, a New York-based soul/pop collective, has released a new single titled “Splinters” featuring Sonny Step. The song is the title track of their upcoming EP, set to release on September 15th. “Splinters” is a funky, breezy ballad showcasing the band’s years of experience and commitment to experimentation.

The band’s founder and primary songwriter, Gideon King, draws inspiration from the diverse musical landscape of New York City, blending jazz, pop, rock, and classical music to create a sound that defies genre boundaries. The band’s unique approach to songwriting is based on collaborative, open-ended dialogue, with different musicians contributing their perspectives to create controlled chaos.

Gideon King & City Blog is known for their eclectic sound and virtuosic musicianship, and they have received critical acclaim from outlets such as All About Jazz and American Songwriter. The band’s upcoming EP promises to be a tour de force of soulful, inventive pop music.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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