808 Corari Debuts New Single “Ain’t tellin me ft Masii” – A Cloud-like Beat with Smooth Auto-tuned Vocals

Arizona-based rapper 808 Corari recently released his latest single, “Ain’t Tellin Me F Masii,” with an unorthodox production selection that creates a cloud-like flow and groovy beat. This rap song is an excellent blend of auto-tuned melodies and smooth vocals, showcasing the artist’s unique style. The piece is perfect for late-night rides, experiencing a breakup, or feeling low.

Born Corey Henson in Baton Rouge, LA, 808 Corari grew up listening to Lil Wayne and 50 Cent. Remaining unsigned while building his 808 collectives, the artist plans to release an EP in the middle-end of 2023, followed by his debut album, Tokyo Sorry.

808 Corari continues to impress with his music; his latest single is no exception. “Ain’t tellin me ft Masii” was created randomly through a connection on Instagram with producers Martton and Molix from Indonesia. The song will bring out emotions with its energetic and sad moods.

CLICK HERE TO STREAM 808 Corari’s “Ain’t tellin me ft Masii” on Spotify. 

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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