Vibing to Love and Life

Music has always been an expression for artists and an inspiration for listeners. This playlist, Vibing to Love and Life, features five tracks from talented artists who have channeled their experiences and emotions into their music. From R&B and soul to rap and hip-hop, this playlist blends different genres that capture the essence of love and life.

Vibing to Love and Life is a playlist that explores the different aspects of love and life. From the sensual and soulful “Cream” by 2AM Ricky to the romantic “Feels” by SHDW, this playlist covers the ups and downs of relationships. “Intuition” by Sadé Awele celebrates the unshakeable feeling of love within us, while “Hold Me Down” by VVSTheWorld touches on the importance of support and stability in a relationship. “Spiralling” by Arab Matt reflects on life and the struggles that come with it, reminding us to keep pushing forward.

Listed below is the list of songs that are making waves:

  • “Intuition” by Sadé Awele

Sadé Awele’s latest song, “Intuition,” is a tribute to unconventional love that knows no borders. With vintage jazz sounds and timeless lyrics, Sadé’s Afro-soul and R&B music draws from her Igbo and Yoruba cultural heritage. Her hard work and tenacity have earned her recognition and accolades, including winning the African Fashion and Arts Movement Award in 2020. Sadé’s next EP promises to be her best yet, inspired by her participation in the Women in the Studio Accelerator program in 2021.

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  • “Hold Me Down” by VVSTheWorld

Oakland rapper and singer VVSTheWorld has released a new track called “Hold Me Down.” Drawing inspiration from artists like Juice WRLD and XXXTENTACION, VVSTheWorld uses his unique melodic sound to express his feelings and views on the world. “Hold Me Down” is a must-listen for fans of emotive rap music.

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  • “Cream” by 2AM Ricky

2AM Ricky’s “Cream” is a sultry and soulful queer love song that deserves a spot on your RnB playlist. As an openly transgender rapper and advocate for the LGBTQ community, Ricky is breaking barriers in the industry. With chart-topping singles, sync placements, and expertise in brand strategy, diversity, and inclusion, he is making waves both on and off the stage.

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  • “Feels” by SHDW

As a rapper, singer, and songwriter, SHDW believes in creating honest music that reflects his personality and perspective. SHDW’s latest track, “Feels,” is a perfect mix of jazzy beats and smooth flows. Inspired by the early stages of his relationship with his girlfriend, the song captures the laid-back romantic vibe.

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  • “Spiralling” by Arab Matt

Arab Matt’s latest single, “Spiralling,” is a reflective track about the ups and downs of life. With his soulful vocals and poignant lyrics, the USA-based artist takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery and growth. The song’s gentle guitar strums and subtle percussion create a soothing ambiance that perfectly complements Arab Matt’s introspective musings.

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Vibing to Love and Life is a playlist that will take you on a journey of emotions. These tracks will resonate with you whether in love, going through a breakup, or simply reflecting on life. Each song has a unique sound and message, showcasing the diversity of music and its ability to connect people. So, put on your headphones, sit back, and vibe to the rhythm of love and life.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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