phoenix Walters and SEY team up with A$AP TWELVYY for “Lifestyle of a G.”

Maryland-based artist Phoenix Walters, along with SEY and A$AP TWELVYY, has released a new hip-hop track titled “Lifestyle of a G.” The song features hard-hitting beats and lyrics that reflect the artists’ experiences in the music industry.

Phoenix Walters, raised by immigrant parents from Guyana, draws inspiration from hip-hop legends like Eminem, J. Cole, and Pharrell. His passion for music started when he was 12, and he has been honing his craft ever since.

On the other hand, SEY brings a fresh perspective to the track with his dynamic flow and lyrical prowess. The artist’s distinctive sound and versatile style have been gaining recognition in the industry, and he is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Finally, A$AP TWELVYY, a hip-hop collective A$AP Mob member, adds his signature flow to the mix. His contribution to the track complements the other artists’ styles, creating a cohesive and powerful sound.

“Lifestyle of a G” showcases the talents of three rising artists making waves in the music industry. Their unique styles and fresh perspectives will surely capture the attention of hip-hop fans worldwide.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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