Lesso’s “Don’t Play With Me” (feat. Paragon): A Fiery Trap Anthem.

Lesso’s latest single, “Don’t Play With Me” (feat. Paragon), is a fierce trap anthem that brings the heat with its hard-hitting beats and fiery lyrics. The song is a testament to Lesso’s versatility as an artist, as he effortlessly switches between rap and singing, showcasing his dynamic range.

The song’s message is clear: don’t mess with Lesso or his crew. The lyrics are filled with braggadocio and confidence as Lesso asserts his dominance and warns anyone who tries to step out of line. Paragon’s feature adds extra intensity to the track, with his raw and aggressive delivery complementing Lesso’s smooth flow.

The “Don’t Play With Me” production is top-notch, with a bass-heavy beat that hits hard from start to finish. The track’s dark and ominous atmosphere perfectly captures the song’s theme of danger and warning.

Overall, “Don’t Play With Me” (feat. Paragon) is a must-listen for trap music fans. Lesso’s impressive skills as a rapper and singer are on full display, and the song’s intense energy is sure to get listeners pumped up.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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