Halley Greg’s “No Room For Me” Explores the Power and Consequences of Women’s Anger

Seattle-based singer-songwriter Halley Greg’s recent release, “No Room For Me,” is a poignant reflection on women’s societal pressures to suppress their anger. The song on Greg’s latest album, Straitjacket, was inspired by Rebecca Traister’s book, “Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger.” Greg’s experience of being discouraged from expressing her anger as a child and teenager is woven into the song’s lyrics.

Straitjacket is a masterful blend of AM Pop, Country-tinged ballads, and bluesy rock, and Greg’s emotive vocals are a standout feature. Recorded at Seattle’s London Bridge Studio, the album was co-produced by Greg and Eric Lilavois and features the talents of guitarist Jerett Samples, bassist Tim Van Buren, drummer Paul Davis, and horn players Jason Cressey, Peter Daniel, and Bill Jones.

Through Straitjacket, Greg explores the complexities of emotions and the power of vulnerability, tenderness, and anger. The album invites listeners to confront their feelings and emerge with greater clarity and empowerment.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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