Natisa Gogol’s “Wind of Hope”: A Powerful Message of Resilience and Love

Natisa Gogol’s latest single and video, “Wind of Hope,” is a touching and triumphant pop ballad inspired by the singer-songwriter’s experience as a refugee fleeing her home in Kyiv with her young son. With expansive vocals, lush string arrangements, and classically inspired landscapes, “Wind of Hope” builds up to an anthemic chorus that passionately declares, “Love will rescue us / Ukraine lives in our heart.” The song delivers a powerful message about holding onto strength and hope, even in the most disastrous and dark times.

Produced by Gregory Darling, the song is a transformative and cathartic musical masterpiece that is sure to impact listeners around the globe. Natisa’s voice is at the outer limits of perfection, a mellifluous, brittle instrument that showcases a common theme running through her songs: love. Born in Ukraine, Natisa cites jazz as an influence on musical heroes such as Ella Fitzgerald, Quincy Jones, and Elton John. Her debut album will be released in 2023, and “Wind of Hope” is a stunning preview of what’s to come from this rising pop star.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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