J(X) Collaborates with 007Bonez and Jawnson for New Single ‘Mr. OutdaWay’

Atlanta-based rapper J(X) has recently released his latest single, “Mr. OutdaWay,” featuring fellow artists 007Bonez and Jawnson. The track features a smooth southern flow over a wavy beat with a rock influence, which perfectly complements the lyrics’ message.

“Mr. OutdaWay” touches on the theme of staying out of the crowd and carving your path in life. J(X) delivers thought-provoking verses about why and when to avoid the masses and stand out from the pack, backed by the impressive contributions of 007Bonez and Jawnson.

J(X) has been making waves in the rap scene for a while now, and his latest single is no exception. His dynamic and versatile style shines through on “Mr. OutdaWay,” further cementing his position as one of the most promising rappers to emerge from the South.

Overall, “Mr. OutdaWay” is a must-listen for fans of J(X), 007Bonez, and Jawnson, as well as anyone who appreciates intelligent lyrics and a unique sound.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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