Colby Watts’ “Overdue” – A Song to Boost Your Confidence Through a Breakup

South Carolina-based rapper, Colby Watts, has recently released his debut single, “Overdue,” from his upcoming EP, 24Kolby. The song has a rhythmic bounce and a catchy bridge and hook. It is relatable to everyone as it talks about moving on from a past relationship while your ex-partner is still holding on.

Watts, who has been writing lyrics for 12 years, describes himself as a student of the game and a mix of G-Eazy, 2 Chainz, and Juelz Santana. He is known for his original sound and lyrical skills. His favorite artists are Lil Wayne, Weezy, and Tunechi.

“Overdue” perfectly exemplifies Watts’ unique sound and talent. The song showcases his lyrical skills and provides a message of self-love and confidence through a breakup. If you are looking for a piece to boost your morale and move on from a past relationship, “Overdue” is worth listening to.

As Watts’ debut EP is set to be released in the last week of January 2023, we can expect more great music from this talented rapper. So, check out his songs, and remember to leave your honest opinion.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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