Talented artist, Lazy E does not disappoint in his recent song “Nobody but Us”

Lazy E’s latest release, “Nobody But Us,” is a testament to his storytelling abilities as a rapper. Based on a real story, the song takes listeners on a journey through a relationship that eventually ends. The track starts with a vivid description of the beginning of the relationship, where the couple is full of love and hope. The middle of the song shows the couple’s struggles as the relationship begins to crumble, and the end of the track brings closure to the story as the couple goes their separate ways.

Lazy E’s high-octane performance style shines through in this track, adding to his story’s authenticity. The lack of a traditional hook sets “Nobody But Us” apart. The track’s momentum is carried by Lazy E’s hard-hitting bars over organic sonic textures, resulting in a unique listening experience.

Overall, “Nobody But Us” is an excellent addition to Lazy E’s discography and showcases his skills as a rapper and storyteller. Fans of hip-hop and storytelling alike should give this track a listen.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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