Nec Nymbl and LUTZ Have Recently Released Their Collaborative Single “Necxlutzive”

Nec Nymbl and LUTZ have recently released their collaborative single “Necxlutzive,” which brings together two unique MCs and their distinct styles. The song is an uplifting, energetic anthem with a club-banging beat and bassline fused with enchanting ethnic vocal chops and strings. The production, mixing, and mastering were handled by Nec Nymbl, who contributed to the second verse, chorus, and bridges with his passionate delivery and creative wordplay.

Nec Nymbl, a Toronto-based composer and producer, has been a crate-digger for over 20 years, heavily influenced by Golden Era hip-hop, trip-hop, and all genres of music with heart and soul. He has created sounds inspired by life’s joy, pain, and empirical struggles. Nec Nymbl’s experience in the hip-hop industry led to his abandonment of the public and cyber scene, resulting in a hermit mode for 13 years. 

However, his dedication to preserving the purity of art forms has led him to re-emerge from the dusty dungeons and dark caverns, bringing a secret arsenal of kits, rare samples, and instrumentals preserved in the Noemadik Sound Lab archive. With his return, Nec Nymbl continues to inspire and unite with similar-minded heads, creating positive and authentic hip-hop sounds.

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