Former Lakers’ Staffer Breaks Down Karl Anthony Townes Injury [ Watch]

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Karl-Anthony Towns has played only 21 games this year for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Townes has been out of action for 40 consecutive games with one calf injury, and although he still has no schedule for his return, it appears that the cornerstone of the great man Wolves is close to his long-awaited return.

Timberwolves head coach Chris Finch recently made a major update on KAT’s recovery.

He’s itching to play,” Finch said, via Timberwolves beat reporter Chris Hine of the Star Tribune. “… I think it’s just literally just going through the final stages of what that looks like.”

On a recent episode of The Waiver Wire Selection Podcast, Dr. Marco Nunez, who is the former head trainer of the Los Angeles Lakers explained Townes injury.

“So, I mean that’s one [ An Achilles injury] of the concerns when you do get a calf strain you want to just kind of keep an eye on it . Will it overload the tendon if the muscle isn’t able to take the load and contract while you’re doing the movement okay will it then be able to disperse to the tenant,” said Nunez.

“The Tenant takes the majority load, which can end up in a tear in the tenant type thing. A calf strain is very similar to a hamstring string both the hamstring and the calf strain is the gastric muscle the calf area are explosive fast twitch muscles ones that allow you to jump accelerate as quickly as possible type of thing.”

He added, “So, there also can be very tricky you may think you feel great and as soon as you just jump up for a layup for a rebound you can pull that muscle reactivate it again just like with the hamstring type of thing. So you just got to kind of keep an eye on it obviously you don’t want uh productive details to reactivate it and then he’s out for a long period of time or or tear it or like say potentially tears Achilles tendon which then he’s out for another eight months which you’ll go into uh next year.”

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