1Rich Park does not disappoint the the release of his recent track “Pack Lunch”

1Rich Park’s latest song, “Pack Lunch,” is a high-energy and visually stimulating experience for rap fans. The song is part of the album “Pardon the Chains,” It showcases 1Rich Park’s skills as a rapper and musician. The official video was shot by Hella Hats Harry in Atlanta, GA, and edited by the artist himself.

The video features cameos from several GK FAM members, including Pink Siifu, Swooty Mac, Ted Kamal, Devin Burgees, and Oso Moon. The chemistry between the artists is apparent, and their camaraderie adds to the song’s infectious vibe.

1Rich Park hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, and is a member of GULFAM. He has performed across the U.S. and has appeared on Pink Siifu’s “4thaFolks U.S. Tour,” alongside artists like Zeloopers, Da$h, Valee, and others.

“Pack Lunch” is a testament to 1Rich Park’s talent as a rapper and musician. The song is a must-listen for fans of the genre, and the video is a visual feast for the eyes.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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