Michael Rainey Jr Reacts To Potentially Being Typecast By His Character ‘Tariq St. Patrick’


We are literally a little bit over a month before the premiere of Power Book IV: Force season three and the star of the series Michael Rainey Jr recently sat down with

During the Interview, Rainey Jr was asked about possibly being typecast as Tariq St. Patrick like some other child actors such as Jaleel White and Gary Coleman.

“It’s definitely a thought in my head a lot because, like I said, with the time that I’ve taken to devote myself to this character, a lot of people, the audience, they haven’t seen me on the screen in a different space in a while, so that’s definitely a thought in my head. But as I said, you just got to keep working and obviously just knowing yourself and being confident in your work and knowing your talent and knowing what you can do with your talent,” said Rainey Jr.

“You can never let those kinds of thoughts really weigh you down. And, at the end of the day, you got to know what you’re doing. Like I said, I knew what I wanted to do was kind of just: sit down, lockdown and devote myself to this character. So, I would definitely say maybe after season four, now that we’re about to start filming that, I would definitely say after season four’s hiatus I kind of feel myself very comfortable in Tariq’s shoes.”

He added, “I’ve been playing the character for a long time, but now I find myself in a rhythm to where I’m not doing so much figuring out. And I kind of have the blueprint down pact so the hiatus of season four, once I’m done with season four, I’ll definitely probably use that break and definitely step into some different roles to give the audience an opportunity to see me on the screen in a different space, rather than just as Tariq.”

Speaking of the third season of Ghost, Starz has already greenlit season four of the series, and it has already been announced that Michael Ealy will be joining the cast, according to Deadline.

“The high-octane drama of Power Book II: Ghost continues to resonate with our viewers and we’re thrilled to get season four production underway ahead of our season three debut,” said Kathryn Busby, President of Original Programming for Starz. “It’s clear our fans are ready to devour more of this explosive series and we look forward to having Michael join our incredible cast.”  

But, until then make sure you caught the premiere of Ghost season three on March 17.

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Written by Landon Buford

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