Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy Rips NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell [Watch]

Last month, the New York Giants eliminated the Minnesota Vikings in their NFC Wild Card Playoff game  31-24 on the road. After the game, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was leaving the field when a Viking fan from the stands yelled his name and got his attention. just to tell him ‘F*** you.”

“Ay Rodger, f*** you! Yeah that s*** is rigged… You know your a b*** and all them blonde b***es too.”

In response to the fan that said “F**** You,” you can see the Commissioner reacting to the fan in the stands.

Fast-forward to February, Barstool’s Dave Portnoy was recently interview with Adam’s Apple and during that interview, he goes off on Goodell on a variety of topics.

“I’m still banned and direct employees. Goodell still hates us. He has no sense of humor and takes himself too seriously. He’s a criminal, a crook, a coward. I could go on and on about him, but he is, and it all stems from deflate-gate,” said Portnoy.

“When we got arrested trying to protest that, but he’s a clown. He stole money from a charity I tried to give them money for charity to do that. The track is now Super Bowl handcuffs. He’s lied under oath to Congress and doesn’t know who Barstool is. He does. He’s a crook a criminal coward.”

He added, “Goodell had even an ounce of self-awareness, he’d laugh it off, and it would be done, but he takes himself so seriously. When your job is to be a dog that gets kicked around, you know he has no Talent. He doesn’t have any brains. He’s just a punching bag for the owners and takes all the heat you have some degree of authority. It’s like small dick syndrome; really you know, it’s like a guy drives a big truck he has no self-confidence in himself. So, he has to this is the one thing he can stick with.”

Speaking of Goodell, he recently addressed key league issues, which includes diversity efforts, officiating and player health and safety.

“Pleased to see progress” in its efforts to increase diversity at the coaching and executive level, but that “we always look to see how can we do better,” said Goodell.

“We’re gonna continue [the accelerator program],” Goodell said. “Our commitment’s strong to that. But that’s just one. We had a number of other programs that we’ve put in that I think are going to produce long-term results. Now we all want short-term results, but it’s important to have it be sustainable for the future, and we believe diversity makes us stronger. It’s about attracting the best talent and giving them the best opportunity to be successful. To me, that’s at the core of what we do. We want the changes to be really fundamental and sound and sustainable.”

What do you think?

Written by Byron Nelson


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