BHP, Makama, & President Zik Shipped A Dynamic Single Track, “Int’l Flex”

BHP (collective Bigheadphones), Makama, and President Zik (Known as Zachary Kwaga) are a powerhouse trio of hip-hop artists spread across Canada and Nigeria. Their diverse musical backgrounds and chill flow make their music world-influenced and innovative.

The trio’s latest release, “Int’l Flex,” showcases their unique sound and versatile style, blending hip-hop, world music, and indie elements to create a mellow yet impactful track. The song features a fusion of diverse musical styles, introspective lyrics, and confident performances from each artist. 

As BHP, Makama, and President Zik gain recognition in the music industry, fans can expect more innovative and chill music from this talented trio. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be transported to a new world of music with “Int’l Flex” by BHP, Makama, and President Zik.

CLICK HERE TO STREAM: BHP, Makama, & President Zik’s Int’l Flex” on Spotify.

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Written by LandonBuford Staff

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