Leading Songs Currently Making Waves In The Music Industry

Music can be broken down into many genres to meet one’s idea for a great song, but some music is game-changing. Some of the records you feel in your bones, and your gut tell you this is something special. Some artists show the innovation and creativity behind their tracks on a full scale for everyone to see what they are made of. Below are some soundtracks that have captured the heart of their lister and taken them to another Level.

These songs are not only a must-hear, but you all truly owe it to yourself to hear them if you love good music. The lyrics of these songs are just as memorable, with engaging lyrics and metaphors delivered excellently. These songs are:

  • Dior – Not A Love Song

Dior’s “Not A Love Song” is an incredible groove and melody that takes you away and puts you right in the motherland of somewhere special, and it keeps his audience coming back for more. His recent song, “Not A Love Song,” Does not waste time to keep you on the high edge with its high tone and engaging lyrics that make the music a must-hear.

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  • Katie Boeck – Over Again

Katie Boeck is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and songwriter who has taken the time to learn about her craft. In her recent song “Over Again,” Katie Boeck Talks about Making peace with your past, owning your story, and letting the gifts of wisdom and resiliency make you a better person for it.

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  • Lee Laamaj – Tesla

Jamaal Randall, popularly known as Lee Laamaj, is a talented singer, rapper, and lyrical genius set to take over the industry by storm over the years. Lee Laamaj’s “Tesla” is that music that converts its sounds to chills and makes you fantastically feel the song. It is an incredible display of music that shows just how creative music can still be in the present day.

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  • Christopha – Rendezvous

Hailing from London, Christopha is a talented poetic genius and songwriter who has set his sights on taking the music game by storm. Christopha’s “Rendezvous” is an R&B love song layered with smooth rap vocals and is about exploring new things and experiences with your partner, which is Coming out just in time for Valentine’s day.

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  • Sanyu – Sweet Tooth

Sanyu’s “Sweet Tooth” is a confession of how a sweet tooth is not only reserved for culinary experiences and how the fear of wanting too much from someone can lead you to distance yourself from them. This melancholic theme is woven with vocal harmonies and later resolved in a catchy groove that gives the song a light, humorous, and self-ironic touch. The relentless singer has continued to transform her draft to the next level.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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