How To Get Away With Murders’ Charlie Weber Sounds Off On Working With Oscar Winner Viola Davis [Watch]

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The Peacemaker world is about to expand with a spin-off series featuring Viola Davis’s character Amanda Waller. In addition to John Cena’s self-defense show, which returns for a second series, Davis will also take over the role of DC’s next spin-off, Waller.

The Suicide Squad series was confirmed in May 2022. On January 31, as DC Studios unveiled its first film and television series, CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran released more details about Waller.

“So this is Viola Davis. She’s coming back as her character, Amanda Waller,” Gunn said during the event (via Collider). “This is also going to have some of Team Peacemaker in it, as the regulars on the show. This basically follows up to Peacemaker and is going to be done.”

He pointed out that Watchmen writer Christal Henry and Doom Patrol creator Jeremy Carver are involved in the project.

“[We] have this incredibly marvelous story worked out that I think is really fantastic and HBO loves. So they’re putting this all together,” he said.

The details of the plot have not been revealed, but the spectacle could resume after the events of Peacemaker’s first season, which saw Waller’s involvement in the Suicide Squad and Task Force X revealed to the public by her daughter, Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks). A second Peacemaker series was confirmed in February 2022 following its immense success.

“The brilliance of James Gunn once again shines with Peacemaker. He took this character, brought to life by the inimitable John Cena, and created an exceptional series that’s simultaneously thrilling, hilarious and heartfelt, showcasing the humanity beneath this team of misfits living in a superhuman world.

Sarah Aubrey, responsible for original content at HBO Max, shared at the time: “As the first original DC show to have its series premiere on HBO Max, we are thrilled that the viewers agreed to give peace a f**king chance.”

Speaking of Viola Davis, the Oscar Winner former co-star from ‘How To Get Away With Murder,’ Charlie Weber who played the character Frank Delfino was recently on Instagram Live with Claudia Jordan and Annie Ilonzeh.

“It’s incredible, as you would expect. It was an honor and incredible to work with her all of those years, ” said Weber.

Weber was feather in 90 episodes of the television series.

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