Long Lost Vibes Conveyed A Vibrant Single Track, “Hieroglyphic” 

Long Lost Vibes is a USA-based hip-hop/rap group from California renowned for its aggressive, hard-hitting, and expressive music. Their song “Hieroglyphic” is a powerful blend of hard-hitting drums, organic rhythm, and an intense flow of heartbreaking lyrics highlighting people’s struggles, difficulties, and traumas worldwide.

The music showcases the band members in an all-too-familiar inner-city landscape, superbly reflecting the raw lyrics. It conveys a dark truth, with a gritty underground feel and a call to action to make a difference in today’s society.

With “Hieroglyphic,” Long Lost Vibes has proven why some of the most impressive and innovative acts in hip-hop/rap music. From their fiery energy to their meaningful underlying message, their music has captured the attention of many fans worldwide.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.


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