7HO3NIX released a new single titled “it is what it is”

Ohio-based artist 7HO3NIX did it again with this beautiful piece after being away for 2 years and made her come back hard with this new single.

“it is what it is” is a heartbreaking R&B mixed with a hip-hop song that shows how far her journey through grief, pain, heartbreak, and depression. 7HO3NIX is a beautiful artist with a natural rendition and lyrical strength that inspires you to accept and see life as it is, especially when it is a situation you can’t control.

Gabriel Solange has been through many wins and losses in her life, and she has never allowed that to stop her. She always makes a comeback. She puts her heart and soul into this beautiful song to inspire you and tells you you’re not alone.

“It is what it is” is a Neo-soul, indie R&B, and alternative hip-hop blend that gives a relaxed mood when listening to the lyrics, beats, and sounds. It heightens your emotions and conveys many feelings about loss, heartbreak, pain, and the ability to learn from mistakes and move on from the pain of loss. This allows you to find yourself and move forward from the hurt.

7HO3NIX is worthy of remark and has worked with many outstanding producers like Toby Gad, and her cover of kelly Clarkson’s ” I dare you won the American idol first place winner of a cover nation contest in partnership with warner bros. With enough said about her, we had to feature her on our page.

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