Songwriter Kurst just released a new single titled “Dreaming”

Kurst is a Canadian-based artist that has proven to be above the charts. He is a talented songwriter and rapper gifted in poetry and good with words.

“Dreaming” is another one of his specials that inspires and pushes you to achieve your dreams irrespective of circumstance. “Dreaming” pushes the zeal and fire in you to succeed, and if you are a daydreamer, then “Dreaming” is for you.

“Dreaming” is a fast rap and alternative hip-hop song that tells a story, and it is laid with high bass beats and filled with a fast, upbeat sound that gives you the vibes and inspires the best out of you.

Kurst is a very talented and inspirational artist and lyricist, and this song has pushed him up the charts. We had to feature such talent on our page.

Stream kurst “Dreaming” on Spotify.

Connect with kurst on Instagram.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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