Sloane Skylar released her new single, “California”

Las Angeles-based songwriter and singer Sloane Skylar released her new ” California ” single in preparation for her upcoming Ep.

“California” is a chill contemporary R&B song that tells a late-night story of romance and love while reminiscing on the pain that comes after the fears and darkness of life. The pains of heartbreak. “California” deepen your thoughts and makes you reflect on many choices.

“California” is a self-meditative song that takes you through life, heartbreak, betrayals, and gains. Her vocal rendition brings life to the music and sends chills all over your body.

Sloane Skylar is an exceptional songwriter and musician that has shown her work in the music industry and continues to do so. Her soft and soulful voice brings you calm and makes the world disappears around you. Sloane Skylar is an experienced songwriter and has produced a few EPs like “come up ” and so many other mixtapes and covers which earned her a whopping 10,000 subscribers on Youtube.

“California” is the song you play on a long ride and late at night. It sends resonating chills and has an upbeat sound that is one of a kind. Seeing how wonderfully talented she is, we had to feature her on our page.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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