Lord Dawson and Amormali released a brand new single called “Been a minute”

Lord Dawson is a Belize and Las Angeles brought up, and his sounds are unique with a fusion of tropical Caribbean and modern contemporary rap.

“Been a minute” is a detailed song that tells a story of heartbreaks and life in the streets of LA. The song gives you the feeling of how hard life is on the streets and inspires you to change your story and life.

 Lord Dawson’s Cadence is flawless and exceptional. He occasionally adds broken English ( patois) to his music; his approach to life sets him higher than other artists in his class.

“Been a minute” has different sounds and an up-tempo hip-hop beat pleasing the ears. The exceptional control of his vocals keeps you engaged and intrigued with a sweet melody of both rap and singing. Hearing about this song, we had to feature him on our page.

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