HINYL releases a new special called “can’t keep your love”

Washington-based artist HINYL has delivered a brand new single for everyone “Can’t keep your love.” The latest single, “Can’t keep your love,” is a captivating soul-spirited and moody synth-pop song that talks about the emptiness that follows a loveless relationship. this beautiful, moody song makes you feel the void within.

“can’t keep your love” reflects a short-lived passionate love that makes you long for something more. The thrills are beautifully placed with a lovely vocal rendition that will make you feel the pain of longing for what is impossible.” can’t keep your love” is a follow-up of their previous single, “motion.”

This song keeps you reminiscing all night long about why you can’t keep her love, the

Vibrant vocals by Damien Gautier make you feel like you are floating on a cloud of emptiness. Then you wonder if this emptiness is all that will ever be. “can’t keep your love” is lyrically flawless and soul-filling. That brings us the pain of loving the wrong person. With enough information about this single, we needed to get this particular song 

to our pages.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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