Songs that are currently making waves in the music industry

One of the best things about enjoying an artist’s work is hearing them explore new sounds. Thriving with a sound that works can always make one complacent, but when an artist is not only talented with their signature sound but is daring enough to try something new, it makes for a fresh, enjoyable experience. These are the qualities that the artist listed here today portrays.

Here is the list of talented artists who are currently making waves in the music industry with their recent songs. 

  • Ace Phalos – Overkill

The African American Ace Phalos’s new track “Overkill” is a song that teaches us all about the ups and downs in a relationship, the good, and evil, and it is a song that helps us learn how to deal with the end of something that was indeed beautiful.

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  • Ms.Chemist – Too Far Gone

Ms.chemist is a multi-talented rapper, songwriter, audio engineer, and producer who is currently making waves with the release of her recent song “Too Far Gone.” Ms. Chemist’s “Too Far Gone” is a song about moving forward, not allowing the people who don’t even believe in themselves to tell you how to live, and most importantly, believing in yourself and your dreams.

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  • Guufie – Lego

Guufie brings a neo-soul approach to bring fresh vibes to the new song “Lego.” Guufie’s “Lego” is a record with unlimited grooves rooted in the soul, making it an excellent form to hear and feel alike. Guufie delivers his powerful writing with the ultimate conviction to bring a high level of authenticity to his song.

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  • Catch TwentyTwo – I’m Trying To Lucid Dream 

Catch TwentyTwo’s “I’m Trying To Lucid Dream” is the second single on his second EP, “Yours Forever & Ever.” The dance track gives us a master music class to make his fans enjoy the sound all over this record. Catch TwentyTwo takes us on his life journey to give his fans an in-depth look at the artist they’ve come to admire.

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  • Danté James – Burdens

Danté James’s “Burdens” is purely made for those who feel like they’re a burden when it comes to them opening up about their feelings to others. He delivers a performance like no other, with a commanding presence that we can’t ignore. 

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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