Fly Anakin Drops the latest track, “Blicky Bop”

American-based hip-hop star Fly Anakin is a multi-talented rapper and lyrical genius here to inspire. He does not disappoint in releasing his latest track, “Blicky Bop.”

Fly Anakin is a spectacle to behold, the lightning-in-a-bottle technician who makes you drop what you’re doing to absorb better his enunciation, syllable placement, and superhuman breath control. Fly Anakin’s “Blicky Bop” is a masterwork with excellent dope production with that golden age feel that will keep your head nodding for every second. In addition to his upbeat music and thought-provoking lines, his performances allow fans to leave with more than what they came with on a whole new level.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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