Pistons’ Killian Hayes KOs Magic’ Mo Wagner [Watch]

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A game between the Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons in the regular season will only arouse a little interest among fans. However, Mo Wagner, Killian Hayes, and Hamidou Diallo upped the ante in Wednesday’s competition.

Wagner was chasing after a stray ball and getting beat on the court by Hayes, but the twist comes when the great magical man pushes the Pistons guard off limits in his bench. Of course, Hayes’ teammates in Detroit come to his defense, and Diallo sprints to the yard to get in Wagner’s face. Then Hayes comes up with a punch that connects, and Wagner seems to get knocked out for a second.

The referees were able to do very well. Wagner had a Flagrant 2 and was ejected, while Hayes and Diallo were also thrown out for their role in escalating the situation. Wagner and Hayes could be fined and suspended as a result of this incident.

Keith Langlois of wrote Moritz Wagner of Orlando and Hamidou Diallo of Detroit and Killian Hayes were all ejected from the contest for a fight that began when the first one, “inflamed [the] Pistons bench with a hip check.”

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