Wack 100 Sounds Off On Tory Lanez Guilty Verdict [Listen]

The verdict is in and the jury found Tory Lanez guilty on all three counts related to the 2020 shooting of Megan Thee Stallion.

After the verdict was read Wack 100 reacted on Clubhouse.

“That Crazy,” said Wack.

“He is going to appeal. Hey, the D.A played a nasty um game with that bribery s***. You can’t use it, but see, once the jury heard it, it doesn’t erase it from their minds. They are doing that, and he got to appeal. Here is the thing about the appeal: will they let him do [an] immediate appeal now, or will they wait till he for [him] to go through the process? Ain’t go back to Canada, and you got to go to the California State Penitentiary.  You got to go into the system; I don’t know what these n**** be thinking.”

Lanez’s father and stepmother started about injustice following the verdict in the courtroom, according to Meghann Cuniff of Law & Crime News.

“A crazy and downright scary scene in the courtroom as his father and stepmother screamed about wicked injustice,” Cuniff tweeted. “Tory Lanez’s father stood up guest and screamed. ‘This is a wicked system!’ He screamed at the prosecutors that they are evil and they know exactly what they did here. His stepmother stood up screaming and yelling. Father was yelling about ‘Roc Nation.’”

What do you think?

Written by Byron Nelson

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