Power Book IV: Force’s Gabrielle Ryan Landing Season Regular Role After Auditioning For Ten Years, & Reveals Her First Scene

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On one of the recent episodes of The Crew Has it with Michael Rainey Jr and Gianni Paolo, their guest was Gabrielle Ryan. Who played Gloria on Power Book IV: Force, she would be killed in season one of the series by the Serbian Twin aiming to kill Vic Flynn.

During the episode, the British actress shared that it took her ten years of auditioning before landing first role as part of the Power Universe.

“I was auditioning for no joke like nearly 10 years before I got my first series regular which was Power. It was constant I I was auditioning three to four times a week. A lot of my friends were getting like one a month and stuff like that, it was all the time. It’s like it’s like a full-time job that you don’t get paid for,” said Ryan.

“It’s crazy, but people think it’s so easy, and they’re like, oh, you just like come out here, and it was wild because my friends back home, thought like you are living this like American Dream, which I was I am living the American dream for sure. But yeah, it wasn’t an overnight thing for me, and it’s really important for people to know just how hard it can be.”

Later in the interview, she would reveal her first scene in Force.

“You know what my first scene was? The sex scene with Tommy, my first scene. I’s wild iit wasn’t supposed to be that, but someone caught COVID I think. They had to change around the schedule and then Shana [Stein] called and said listen I’m so sorry, if you feel uncomfortable will definitely… They was so lovely about it. I was like lets just do it, why not. So, I started the show off with a bang.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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