Raising Kanan’s Jukebox Warns Detective Shannon Burke That Police Are Coming For Her


In episode ten of Raising Kanan, Jukebox gets arrested for giving Corey the guys that the church and her mother tried to set up on a date with earlier in the season.

Kanya tried to ‘deliver’ Jukebox from homosexuality but of course it won’t work. Kanya and her church pastor tried to beat the homosexuality of Jukebox, which eventually not wanting any to do with her mother.

Of course detective Shannon Burke got word of Jukebox getting arrested and got the precinct to cut her loose again. However, she had alternative motives looking for Jukebox to give her information and asked her if detective Howard was Kanan’s father and Jukebox said his father was Defcon Stark that why his last name is Stark.

Jukebox shared that she couldn’t help with that, but she did warn her that the boys in blue were closing ranks and coming for her. Something her girlfriend warned her about when she started digging into Howard’s past. Her captain and Howard also warned her to leave it alone, but she doesn’t want to heed them.

Burke step to Kanan and hemmed him up and then brought him to park where she knew he shot Howard and told him that Howard was his father and of course Kanan denied it and he end up pushing Burke to the ground and took off running. He ran right to his pops Howard to let him know what his partner was up to.

Make sure you tune in for Raising Kanan season three.

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Written by Landon Buford

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