Karen & Ken Violates Some Sistas At Airport Then Caught The Fade For Their Troubles [Watch]


In a video posted by Tariq Nasheed of a fight at what appears to be Philadelphia International Airport, you can hear Ken yelling at some sista, “Go get some more hair, b****. ” The woman replied, ‘We got a lot of hair b****.

Then he can be heard saying adios. As the woman started to approach Ken, Karen would back hand her and the fight was on as a spectator is screaming to f*** her up.

Then from another angle in the baggage claim, the beat down was in full effect as women could be seen jumping on the carousel to deliver haymakers. Then in another clip Ken be heard asking where is airport security.

“Where is security at n*** damn.”

Then later on they go back at it as they are punching and stomping out Karen and Ken. At one point Ken was on top of Karen to protect her from getting hit, Meanwhile, he was get hit in the ribs and in the back.

Before this fight ensued, Karen could be seen tainting the group of women with the woman that got back hand telling Karen that she was cooked.

Of course, Twitter Users had to put in their two cents.

With one user, wrote, “Did bro really say what i think he jus said.”

Another said Ken was protecting Karen and how he protected my bank account.

This is how I protect my bank account from these bills:

What do you think?

Written by Byron Nelson

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