Luo Luo Thomas Bodied Sal Boselli’s Hitter Jimm Who To Tried To Kill Marvin, But He Bodied Renée Timmons Instead


In episode eight when Sal Boselli finds out that his son Marco was doing a job for Marvin Thomas, which was to kill Toni Deep in the suburbs, and then he turned up dead. Boselli requested a meeting with Raq and she shared her condolences. Sal then lets her know that her brother had to go in return for Marco’s death.

“Your brother sent around me to my son. If he’d come to me first, we wouldn’t be sitting here right now. I’m a big believer in balance and karma, Raq. The universe has laws, and they need to be respected. I could be asking you to give up your own son. That’ll be real balance. But I have a heart, and he’s just a kid. So, I’m telling you, your brotha gotta go, which is fair, just, and as close to balance as we will get.”

Raquel replied, “With all due to respect, my brother, isn’t going to pay for your son f*** up. Universe I’m from, it got laws too. And on the southside we will pay what we owe. And me and my brother don’t owe you s***. I’m sorry for your loss . But your loss ain’t my loss, and mine aren’t yours. You want balance, that’s balance.”

He would then send Jimmy to kill Marvin, but they would kill Renée Timmons instead.

Lou-Lou would walk up to Jimmy and killed after he said Lou-Lou didn’t want to kill and after he said I do.

In the promo for episode nine, Lou-Lou Thomas tells his sister Raq that she can beat the Boselli’s; she replied that they don’t need to beat them; they just need to make them bleed.

Sal Boselli asks to meet with Unique and ask him about Raquel’s operation, and he replies that he’s not a snitch and he’s not going to out like that. Boselli gets mad and tells him that he disappointed him and he doesn’t do well with disappointment.

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Written by Landon Buford

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