La La Anthony Confirms That Her Audition Scene For Power Was In The Closet Scene From Season One With Naturi’ Tasha St. Patrick’ Naughton


On Tuesday’s episode of the Crew Has It with Gianni Paolo and Michael Rainey Jr their guest was La La Anthony, who played Lakeisha Grant. During the chat Gianni asked did she remember what her audition scene was and who was in the room.

“Yeah I do remember it’s funny you said it because it was from season one episode one where I was in the the closet with her [Tasha St. Patrick]. I kind of was like you live in a dream life or whatever because she had all the bags and purses from Ghost being a drug dealer and getting her all that stuff, and I was just in awe of it all,” said Anthony.

“So, I just tapped into what I know, like growing up and wishing you had more or looking at people who had more; why can’t that be me? Also, looking at girls dating a specific type of dude, like, if you date that type of dude, you get that type of stuff and like damn, so maybe one day I’ll date that kind of guy. So, I tapped into all that, I think, initially was casting director, and afterward, I believe either Courtney was there in the room, I feel like she was, and maybe one other person.”

She continued, “I felt like my knees were shaking because it’s like when you want something wrong, but you gotta lock-in. And then when I got it, I was just amazed, like it, it changed, like it was a life-changing show for me. I was there for six seasons from the original Power before it ended.

When you spend six seasons with people, that’s why we have the relationship that we do. I would be in his dressing room just talking to him about life and growing up. Also, growing up and now having all this Fame and money and people after you. I would speak to him about that all the time, so you form these relationships where it’s like family forever for life, and that’s why I always say, like power changed my life.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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