Scrappy’s Mother Rolls Up On Kanan Stark & Asked Him To Talk To Raquel Thomas


In episode two of season two of Raising Kanan, they shared Scrappy’s history. It turns out he was the son of a bookie, and his mother hosted a weekly card game in his basement every Wednesday. So there was nothing that Scrappy had to bet on.

During this episode, Scrap and the players were arrested by the police, could be returned, and eventually drop the entire operation. Detective Howard saw Scrap in the interview room with his mom and found out one of them was an informant. Howard took the information and passed it on to Raquel Thomas, her son’s mother Kanan Stark. After hearing Howard’s information conspired to get rid of Scarp. In the end, she’d kill one of her best soldiers.

In episode seven Howard would learn that Scrap was not the rat and he was in fact his mother, he would be notified. Thomas that Scrap wasn’t a snitch, but it was already too late and his mother didn’t think that he died by his own hand.

Well in episode eight, his mother saw Kanan in the streets introduced her self as scraps mother.

Kanan: He was a good brother.

Scraps mother: He would say the same about you. I need you talk to mother because my boy didn’t kill himself. You know it like I do. And believe your mom knew it too, but she letting that shit stand. With not kinda answer to nobody? These motherf***ers that took my son from me? Out here living their lives, without a care in the f***ing world ? That s*** don’t sit right with me, and it shouldn’t with Raq neither.

Kanan: Scrappy was family. My mother loved him.

Scraps mother: Then why isn’t she out there findin’ the n**** who shot him?

Kanan: Cause the police say that scrap was the one who pulled that trigger

Scraps mother: F*** what the police. Some one put a bullet in my son’s head. Talk to your mother. Tell her to do something. Cause’ if she don’t… I will.

Kanan would later go talk to his mother and tells her that Scraps mother rolled up on him today and said that she doesn’t believe he killed himself. She things somebody else did it and that she ain’t doing nothing about it.

Raq replied, “she a mother that lost her son to his own hand gun. Cause he didn’t want to be here no more, and she didn’t know about it. So, she trying to blame somebody because the truth hurts.

Kanan: Truth hurts. Right. I’m going to go stay with Fame for awhile to clear my head.

Raq: Clear your head of what?

Kanan: You

Raq: Just because, I step to a rapist b***

Kanan: This is about more than that and you know it.

Raq: When I brought you back in we said no more secrets, Kanan. No more lies.

Kanan; We did.

Raq: If got something to say to me, probably should say it. Don’t dance around it, boy?

Kanan: The house is nice.

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Written by Landon Buford

Bam Keith

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