Sal Boselli Sends Hitters After Marvin Thomas After His Son Marco’s Death & Meeting With Raq & They Bodied Dominic & Renée Timmons Marvin’s Therapist

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During the eighth episode of Raising Kanan season two, Sal Boselli finds out who killed his son Marco, which was Dominic. So, they pay him a visit to the hospital, where he reveals that Marvin ordered the hit on Toni Deep, which ended with her and Marco Boselli dead. Sal also told his goons that make sure Dominic wasn’t breathing by morning. He was suffocated by a pillow in the hospital.

Sal Boselli then called a meeting with Raquel. Where she tells him that her brother isn’t dying for the order on Toni Deep gone wrong. They meet at a bowling alley.

Your brotha gotta go, said Boselli.

“I’m not going to pretend that my son Marco was a f*** up. He was, in almost every aspect of his short f***in life. But, he was my son, and what happen to him can’t go unanswered.

Raq answered, “Well, my brother didn’t kill your son. He hired him for a job. S*** went bad. It happens. There ain’t price to be paid for that.”

Sal: Your brother sent around me to my son. If he’d come to me first, we wouldn’t be sitting here right now. I’m a big believer in balance and karma, Raq. The universe has laws, and they need to be respected. I could be asking you to give up your own son. That’ll be real balance. But, I have a heart, and he’s just a kid. So, I’m telling you, your brotha gotta go, which is fair, just, and as close to balance as we are going to get.

Raq: With all due to respect, my brother, isn’t going to pay for your son f*** up. Universe I’m from, it got laws too. And on the southside we will pay what we owe. And me and my brother don’t owe you s***. I’m sorry for your loss . But your loss ain’t my loss, and mine aren’t yours. You want balance, that’s balance.

Sal: What is it with you? Huh? Is it because are a woman is a man’s business that you gotta be so tough and mean all the time? Always trying to prove yourself to the men around you? I suffered an unspeakable loss because of your brother, your brother and I offer you a reasonable compromise, but you just spit back in my face.

Raq: But ain’t that just like a n***, think a b**** cause of him? Nah, Sal. It ain’t about you or any man. I’m flex,’ cause of who I am. It ain’t about you and your d***. Ain’t gotta prove s*** to you or nobody else. I’m me. My sympathies to your family.

Sal: And mine to yours.

Sal goons calling Marvin’s name and fired, but it hit Renée Timmons instead.

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Written by Landon Buford

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