Victor Wembanyama Is A Game Changer & He Will Change How We View Bigs, Says NBA Insider

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When asked on Thursday after Warriors practice what he thinks of the 18-year-old child prodigy, Curry couldn’t help but marvel at his play.

“He’s solid, he’s solid,” Curry told reporters after Thursday’s Warriors practice. “He’s like a 2K create-a-player; every point guard who wants to be 7-foot.

“Cheat code-type vibes; he’s a solid talent. It’s great to watch.”

In two games against the G League Ignite, Wembanyama averaged 36.5 points, 7.5 rebounds, two assists and 4.5 blocks in about 35 minutes a game. He also shot 50 percent on the field, 3-point line, and 71.4 percent of the free throw line.

LeBron James was recently asked about Wembanyama and shared that he is “a generational talent” and “an alien.”

“Everybody’s been a unicorn over the last few years, but he’s more like an alien. No one has ever seen anyone as tall as he is but as fluid and as graceful as he is out on the floor.”

And Kevin Durant shared, Yeah of course. How can you miss him?” said Durant. “That kind of talent and skill, it just puts a smile on your face if you play basketball, because the evolution of the game has taken us this far. We have 7-5 dudes that are able to do everything on the court. He’s inspiring to a lot of people out here.”

“I heard a comment he said where someone compared him to some players in the league, where he said I think I do myself a disservice if I compare myself to one or two players. I want to take from everybody. That was such a profound statement. It made me a big fan of his,” Durant said. “The league is really in trouble when he comes in. I want to see how it plays out. Everyone is excited for his arrival to the league.”

When I reached out to a league draft expert to ask who Wembanyama reminded them of, I was told, “Nobody. ” Meanwhile, an NBA Insider shared, “Victor is a game-changer. He’s going to change this whole league, and I’m not even talking about it from a basketball standpoint—just how everything is done in this league because the kid is unbelievable. How we view bigs is going to change; I remember when Kevin Durant came into the league, he was a seven-footer who could do it all. But, this kid is taking it to another level,” said the NBA Insider.

“He’s 7’4, 7’5 doing things that Kyrie Irving is doing and he’s not supposed to be doing. Just picture that; I think we haven’t seen his full potential; this is only a glimpse of what he can do. I hope he stays healthy. I’m sure he has a great team around him, and he is a smart kid, very intelligent, and very thoughtful.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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