Raquel Thomas Finds Out Scrap Wasn’t A Snitch Howard Admits He Was Wrong


In episode two of season two of Raising Kanan, they shared the backstory of Scrappy. It turns out he was the son of a bookie, and his mom hosted a weekly card game in her basement every Wednesday. So, there wasn’t anything that Scrap would not bet on.

During that episode, Scrap and the players were busted by the police, could be flipped, and ultimately bring down the whole operation. Detective Howard saw Scrap in the interrogation room with his mother and was told that one of them was an informant. Howard took the information and shared it with Raquel Thomas, the mother of his son Kanan Stark. After hearing this information from Howard plotted to get rid of Scarp. She would end up killing one of her most trusted soldiers.

In episode seven Howard would learn that Scrap was not the rat and it was actually his mother, he would informed Thomas that Scrap wasn’t a snitch, but it was already too late and his mother isn’t buying that he died by his own hand.

Thomas replied, “You told me Scrap was a snitch.”

“I know what I told you I made a mistake. That’s easy to do out here with somebody lying and perpetrating. What are you doing to do when Kanan sees all your lies and portrayal,” said Howard.

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Written by Landon Buford

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